Is this ‘playdating?’

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It's all normal, they said.Nothing terrifies me more than one of my kid's friends running up to me, and asking, "Can we do a play date sometime? My mommy says it's OK." Or worse, I go to pick my kids up from school and they shout (in front of everyone and their MOTHER), "can I go on a play date with my friend? Its today, right now actually. We need to meet at the park!" (more…)
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Stinky Cars and Water Balloon Wars!

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So there I was in the garage cleaning out my car and let me just say, "kids are gross!" I'm finding food wrappers, sticky pieces of candy, dirty shoes, a pair of stinky sweats from gymnastics, a dog leash, two dolls, a library book (hopefully not over due [update: book's totally overdue-ugh]), and so much sand (and crumbs) I could fill a small sand pit. Should I mention I found a moldy pea. At least I think that's what it once was, and I don't recall having peas in my car, ever... But I digress, I'm completely in the zone; determined to find the mystery smell coming from the back seat. By the way, what Mom hasn't found herself in this situation before? In search of a mystery smell! Mom's…
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