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I’m working hard to find the silver-lining these days. Our family has had a difficult start to the holiday season. For the people who follow me on Instagram you probably know a little bit of the situation. But for those of you who have no idea what is going on and just haven’t seen me put up a post in awhile, I’ll give a recap below:

The Gist of it…

The Monday before Thanksgiving I was informed that my father has been both physically and mentally abusing my Mom and my Uncle Mike (who lives with them due to debilitating seizures) for [at least] the past 3 years. 

Getting them both out of the house was stressful because we had to remove them before my father got home, the risk of a violent altercation was high.  We had to call the police to watch the house as my Mom packed suitcases for her and Mike, and then they stayed in a hotel for the next three days. 

A restraining order had to be issued and my Father had to be forcibly removed from the house my Mom and him have shared for over five years. During Thanksgiving week my Father drained the bank accounts, called me personally to try and get me to relay messages to my Mom, and even yelled at me [as if I were responsible for his actions]. I ended up creating a GoFundMe, for my Mom and my Uncle Mike to try to raise money from other family members for short term relief, at least until the courts can get a handle on the financial situation. Donations are greatly appreciated! 🙏

She shall endure…<< e help that has come after my Mom left my dad has been amazing. Honestly, if the messages and offers to help were nonexistent, I think things would have been harder [emotionally] for them both. Everyone who has donated and/or reached out has given my Mom and Uncle Mike reassurance that they can stand on their own two feet again. Many don't know this, but my Mom and Dad were married for 32 years. For 32 years my Dad maintain control over my Mom. During the past three years he got violent. I can't comment on much more, I haven't been there physically as a witness and I am married with a family in Texas. The distant relationship I have with my mom hasn't always been easy but we have gotten very close these past few years. I have realized due to the emotional roller coaster my Mom has gone through, everyday is and will continue to be a challenge. There are days when my Mom wonders if she made the right decision, if things could have worked out differently, or if anyone will even believe her story. Not to mention things are harder because all this is happening over the holidays. So that's where things are right now. Yes, my posts have been scarce. I'm still here and I plan on writing more after the holidays. We are concentrating on my mom and Uncle Mike and supporting them anyway we can. Until next time, Happy Holidays! 🎄 Domestic Violence help, for:

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