Inside the mind of a Kindergartner

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Below are 25 questions every parent should ask their child once in their little lives. The answers you receive just might surprise you… Today I am sitting down with my son Jaxon for an informal interview. Getting inside the mind of a kindergartner; if you will. I must say, this wasn’t an easy task. Getting a five-year old to sit down with me for longer than ten minutes took a lot of Halloween candy and letting him have full access of what he considered the best candy! The Interview: J=Jaxon M=Mommy Who's your best friend? J: Avery (stated without hesitation), but really all the kids in the school that I know. M: What makes Avery so awesome? J: I don’t know. What do you want to be when you grow…
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Life Lessons

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Preface: I’m writing this particular post for many reasons. The most obvious would be to reflect and heal. It is very difficult to relive the moments I am about to write for you, but I am also writing it to help anyone else who has gone through the same type or similar situation.  You are not alone. I have not ever considered myself a strong person, which is hard to say and sounds self-deprecating. I ask that as you read this post you don’t judge the incident but you see the growth and the perseverance that as a family we all developed. Introduction:  This story is about my son Jaxon and a traumatic accident that involved him at a young age. It is very emotional for me to write and…
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