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Hello! I’m LeeAnn Tagami

Welcome to my new blog, Mommy Wife Fitness Life. Yay, Finally! I have been working on this site for a few months and after a few setbacks physically and medically (hand accident back in August) I have finally launched my site!! I can’t wait to continue to produce amazing content for everyone to enjoy. Before I begin posting content I really want to give a brief history on what is Mommy Wife Fitness Life and how my mission has changed a bit over the last two months, (since August 2017).

Originally, I created Mommy Wife Fitness Life to share my personal journey to fitness through social media; and honestly, to help me break free from the isolation I had created for myself in life. Everything was going great, I was working out, posting “sweaty selfies,” healthy food ideas, and fun activities my family and I were enjoying together. I was actually a part of the Beach body family. In another blog I will explain what happened there.  But then I had an accident that derailed pretty much everything.

On August 8th, 2017, I injured my finger doing yard work. More on this in a second. Since this accident was such a huge setback, it has affected everything that is or was Mommy Wife Fitness Life.  For those of you that follow me on Instagram (@mommy.wife.fitnesslife)  or on Facebook (@mommy.wife.fitnesslife), you already know I had an accident with a garden tool (hedge trimmer), like the one seen here:

This is a common hedge trimmer

Yes, a harmless, yet POWERFUL tool, one I quite enjoy using for yard work. Women don’t get enough power tools, am I right? This is me minutes before my accident.

Sweaty gardening selfie!! Before I injured my Hand

This is me the last time I had full use of my left hand. Essentially, a hedge trimmer is harmless when used properly.  However, I was wearing garden gloves, and I carelessly reached forward to move a tree branch from the hedge I was trimming.  As I did this I failed to release the safety button, stopping the saw blade. Failing to do this caused my glove to get caught in the trimmer, pulling my finger into the blades. Below are a couple of photos of the injury (not very graphic).

At ER waiting for stitches
Bleeding has stopped

The saw blade cut right through the artificial nail, which in this photo is holding the two sides of my finger tip together. The blade lacerated my finger to the bone, completely cutting through my nail bed, and destroying my dreams of being a hand model… j/k

So I went to the ER, no big deal. I got stitches. My hand hurt of course, but then again I didn’t really suspect recovery to be that bad.  Two days later I went to my primary care doctor for my routine follow-up for wound care and this happened:

Hand surgery # 1

I was told I had “Infectious Flexor Tenosynovitis“…

When minor injuries go bad…

I was urgently  rushed to the operating room so my hand surgeon could “save” my hand because Tenosynovitis:

Defined as “Pockets of pus (abscesses) may occur around the tendons that run along the inside of the fingers. This type of abscess is caused by an injury that penetrates one of the creases on the palm side of a finger. Pus from an untreated felon may also spread from the tip of the finger into the end of the tendon sheath. [which is what happened to me] Infection and pus form around the tendon and rapidly destroy tissue. The gliding mechanism of the tendon becomes damaged, so the finger can barely move… The person is admitted to the hospital. Surgical drainage of the abscess is done. Antibiotics are given by vein (intravenously).”

Five plus hours later, through complete delirium, I saw my husband again! I was then started on SUPER ANTIBIOTICS….

Image result for Super Antibiotics hero pun

…for 4 days.  Until I was taken back into the operating room AGAIN, because my infection was getting worse.

Monday August 14th 2nd Hand Surgery

I found out after that surgery that there was some foreign matter in my finger [possibly from the saw blade]. OK, so after the 2nd surgery I stayed on antibiotics for three more days and then I went home! Which was glorious. I never felt so depressed as I did in that hospital. I was so lonely…

Image result for sad cartoon eyes
I’m Mr. Lonely

Being home really was the best feeling ever, even if I couldn’t use my hand. Things could have been worse, what if I had hurt my right hand!

So I have been on oral antibiotics since coming home in August, doing occupational therapy, and trying to get better. Kids are in school now and my number one goal is to attempt to get movement back into my hand and work on this blog.

For the purposes of keeping this blog PG I have left out any gory pictures of my hand. However, if anyone is interested in seeing the process I went through at the hospital or at home; the betadine soaks, bandage changes, etc., here’s the link to my Intagram where I documented everything.

So there you have it. Welcome and though things will be different because life threw me a curve ball, I still plan to grab life by the horns. So stay tuned for more on how I am doing now, and what I have planned for my fitness journey (one-handed), what I am planning for the kids this holiday season, and whats happening next year! Until next time. Be a SAVAGE Mommy Wife Fitness Lifer!

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